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How a Photo Walk Almost Turned Deadly. Winter Storm Photos At The White Rock Pier - #BCstorm2018

December 21, 2018




May 2, 2019 update:  Big Announcement!

Darryl Walker, the Mayor of the City of White Rock, made an announcement at a news conference today that repairs will be made by August whereby they will replace the missing section. In addition, they are raising money at $1000 per plank to replace the entire structure in the future. The fundraising has been spearheaded by a number of businesses and the White Rock Business Improvement Association.  Great work!


My recommendation: Remove the 25 sailboats at the end of the pier and open up that dock to the public so fishing boats can moor at the end of the pier and sell fresh seafood on Saturdays and Sundays like they do in Steveston.  This way we can bring back the connection to fishing that White Rock once had and create an attraction for people even on rainy weekends.  White Rock businesses need all the help they can get.

White Rock from the air - Aerial Photos of the White Rock Pier.


 Aerial view of the City of White Rock Pier - 2019 - Hi Res Image

Here is a new video I just shot on April 30th, 2019.  In this video, I jump into an airplane to photograph high resolution photos of the White Rock Pier and Mount Baker.  This is a good way to see what White Rock looks like from high up in the air, and what the broken pier looks like from the sky.  At the end of the video there is a clip from the May 2, 2019 news conference with Mayor Darryl Walker where he announces the repairs to the pier.  

In the news conference, Mayor walker said that the pier is the "jewel in White Rock's crown".  I agree!  This is what I said in my pier storm video...  The pier is something special.  Let's fix it!

I just posted a new video showing the White Rock Pier from the air.  Click the image above to watch it.


February 2019 update:

The White Rock Pier may be broken, but it still poses well for sunset photos!