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Get Luminar and Aurora HDR with Deep Discounts - Black Friday Sale!

November 22, 2018

Black Friday Sale!  Here are your links:

Luminar link:  Luminar 2018 Black Friday Deal


Aurora HDR 2019 link:  Aurora HDR 2019 Black Friday Deal




😀If you have been thinking about getting Luminar or Aurora HDR, now is the time.

The Black Friday deal for Luminar is just $59 USD plus another $10 off when you use my TIMSPHOTOS discount code at checkout. Upgrades from previous versions are $49 less another $10 with the discount coupon. This offer comes with a bunch of bonuses that area listed down below.

👍Aurora HDR 2019 is $99 with a $10 discount. Upgrades from previous versions are $59 less another $10.

Luminar and Aurora HDR can be used as stand alone editing platforms or as plugins to Lightroom. You can get a bundle package for both for $119 instead of $168.

I use Luminar to create lightrays like the ones seen in the attached photo. I did that in about ten minutes. You can adjust the number of rays, you can rotate them, lengthen or shorten them, and warm them up or cool them off. Luminar is a comprehensive photo editing platform and I am going to be making some tutorials on it.

Black Friday offer expires on Wednesday November 28th.


Black Friday bonuses when you buy Luminar: 👍

● 1 year of FREE Smug Mug Portfolio plan (US$180)

● 119 Dramatic & Romantic Sky Overlays (US$29)

● 20% OFF COOPH Photography Apparel and accessories (on all purchases over EUR 100)

●View Bug: 3-month Pro membership (US$42)

●Kelby One: 2-month Pro membership (US$40)

●Rocky Nook: Choice of ANY e-book (US$40)

●Daniel Kordan: Awesome Landscapes Tutorial (US$29)

●Manfrotto & Gitzo: $20 gift card on any $120 purchase (US$20)


Black Friday bonuses when you buy Aurora HDR 2019: 👍

●1 year FREE Smug Mug Portfolio plan (US$180)

●3 months free Stuck in Сustoms Passport membership (US$30)