How to Shoot and Edit Panorama Photos

Have you ever wanted to create a panorama photo but were not sure of the camera and tripod setup? Well I just created a quick step by step video where I how you exactly how I create panorama photos. In the video I demonstrate the tripod setup and talk in detail about the camera settings. Here is the video.

After you have shot your pano images you are going to need to assemble all your images into one new photo. To show you how to do this, I created a step by step video tutorial that will show you EXACTLY how I put my pano images together and retouch them inside Adobe Lightrooom. Here is the video:

Regarding equipment, I do not use a dedicated pano head. I find they are too big and they weight too much for the type of backpacking trips I go on. I use the Acratech Leveling Base combined with the Acratech Long Lens Head for all my panos. Acratech has come out with a panoramic head that is very similar to the long lens head, and was not available when I bought my stuff. If I was buying my gear from scratch I would get the Acratech Panoramic Head and the Acratech Leveling Base, but my setup is almost identical and is perfect for landscape panos as long as my forground is not exceptionally close to the camera. This lens head uses an arca-style camera plate, and this type of camera mount works VERY well with an L bracket on the camera. This makes it super easy to flip the camera up into portrait mode which is how I take all my panorama photos. What is your opinion? What do you use? Leave a comment here and let me know. Thanks! Tim Shields Photography

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