How to Photograph Fireworks

Here are essential steps needed to photograph fireworks successfully. The equipment you need: 1. Tripod 2. Camera, preferably with a 24 - 70 mm lens, or whatever you have got.

3. Remote shutter trigger so you don't have to touch the camera.

The settings you need to use: 1. Manual focus

2. Manual camera settings

3. ISO 100 4. f8 aperture

5. Four second shutter speed

6. Turn off long exposure noise reduction because the camera takes extra time to process each image

7. Turn off any type of vibration reduction your lens might have. Time your shots for the explosions. Try to do your shooting quickly because on still nights with no wind, the smoke will obscure the fireworks after the first minute. After your shoot, pick up a free sample pack of my new Profiles for Lightroom and Photoshop at They will help you edit faster and easier..sometimes with just one click. Happy shooting! Join my Facebook landscape photography group and post your photos there. It is called TimsPhotos Academy on Facebook.

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