Active Volcano Looms Large Over Canadian Beach

Mount Baker, White Rock Beach, Sunset, Kayak

Mount Baker, an active volcano in Washington State, looms large over the beach in White Rock, BC at sunset on May 22, 2018. Mount Baker is 10,781 feet high and is categorized as an active volcano by the US Geological Survey. Steam can be seen venting out of the crater at the top on cold days, but despite this fact climbers regularly summit the mountain in both summer and winter.

White Rock BC, White Rock Beach, Mount Baker Sunset, White Rock Pier, Vancouver

To get the sunset shot I waded out into the ocean with my camera on a tripod. I set the tripod legs into the sand below the water's surface and used a 400mm zoom lens to compress the effect of the kayaker, the White Rock Pier, and the mountain in the background. The full size image is so clear that the trail hikers take up the mountain in the snow is clearly visible. Photo shot with a Nikon D850 using a 200-400mm VR2 lens. Aperture f8, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 second using a wired shutter release.

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