The Day Peter Lik Shot His Sacred Arch Photo

The morning started early in the freezing cold, pre-dawn darkness of high mountains. The mountain trail led up and up until this arch was finally visible in the illumination of my headlamp. There were three other photographers already there in the pitch black darkness photographing the milky way above the arch. I couldn't see them, but the guy beside me had an Australian accent. Even without seeing him I intuitively knew that this was arguably the most well known photographer in the world, Peter Lik. I have been in one of his galleries in Las Vegas many years ago, and after seeing his awe inspiring prints I vowed on the spot to up my game in the realm of landscape photography, and I did. In many ways it was him who inspired me to take this hobby and make it a true passion for perfection. It was an honour to spend two hours talking with him as we shot this unbelievable arch while the sun came up over the earth and lit up the arch.

The Milky Way was clearly visible with the naked eye over top of the arch.

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park.  High resolution parorama photo

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